Lancome Cosmetics

These days, Lancome cosmetics have found its way into the make-up regime of women over all the world.

It has earned its place among other distinguished make-up brands and countless women turn to it for their beauty need.

History of Lancome Cosmetics

Lancome Cosmetics goes a long way back to the year 1935, founded by a French called Armand Petitjean. It was said that he derived the name Lancome after visiting a castle named Chateau de Lancome. Petitjean was rumoured to have an affection for roses, thus the crisp golden rose logo of Lancome.

Lancome made its first appearance at the World’s Fair organized in Brussels, Belgium with the launching of five perfumes. The perfumes were very well-received. Subsequently, Lancome diversified its business to tap into skin care and make up.

In 1964, Loreal Group bought over Lancome and started to market the products as part of the Luxury Products division.

Star Products of Lancome Cosmetics

Although Lancome started out producing perfumes, the modern days have seen popularity in their make-up items such as eyeliners and blushes.

One of the most popular Lancome products is the Artliner. First-timers should not be daunted by the fact that it is a liquid-eyeliner. It is easy to use and creates an intense and precise line. The foam tip does not splay with prolonged usage and the drawn line has a good staying power. This product has been consistently garnering positive reviews and it certainly looks like it will stay that way for years to come.

If you are a hard-core pencil eyeliner fan, then the Le Crayon Kohl is highly recommended. The creamy eyeliner glides on smoothly and you can smudge it to give a sensual smokey eye effect. The eye pencil also comes in other colours, with many ladies going for the Black Lapis, or Noir Lapis in French.

Blushes produced by Lancome are also raved by women in general. On a well-known make up review site, majority of the blushes have at least a 4 star rating upon 5. Their long staying power on those with oily complexion and the gorgeous colours that complement different skin tones justify these ratings.

What Women Have to Say About Lancome Cosmetics

The most common complaint women have about Lancome cosmetics is their price, but interestingly enough, there are many who stayed loyal and made several repurchases due to the fact that products last long and good results are delivered. Though they come with an expensive price tag, the attractive packaging and knowledgeable counter staff in general provides a good shopping experience. After all, Lancome is marketed as a high-end brand isn’t it?

While make-up items have been sustaining their popularity, the skincare products doesn’t receive as much compliments. In general, there is no significant effect and the high price tag only serves to deter more consumers away. There is no AHA or BHA products to aid in exfoliation and fading acne marks. Formulations of moisturizers appear not to include any state of the art ingredients, rather stagnant isn’t it?

Lancome, which is managed by the L’oreal Group, carries out testing on animals and this have raised concerns among female consumers. Thankfully, Loreal’ Group will be going cruelty-free in 2013 due to the EU mandatory rule that European companies will have to terminate these testings by that year.

To sum it up, ladies will do well to explore Lancome cosmetics for their make-up items but if you have the extra cash and want to try out the skincare, there’s no stopping you. Everyone has different skin conditions and maybe you might find a gem within the array of items brought to you by Lancome.

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