Mac Cosmetics

The world has known how expensive Mac Cosmetics and how deserving to have one.

There are hundreds of great cosmetics in the world. They are the cosmetics that creates names and been a part of every woman in the world of fashion as well as to their day-to-day life. But women don’t just grab their stuff because they don’t have that. They collect because they know it works on them and brings them to life.

That’s the reason why Mac Cosmetics create their products. Lotions, powders, colorful lipsticks, rouge, eye shadows and brush kits are just a few of the stuff that would make any woman beautiful in and out.

Mac Cosmetics Inc. History

Inspired by the beauty of women and fashion, Frank Toskan and Frank Angelo founded Mac Cosmetics Inc. in Canada in the year 1984.

Both working in the fashion industry thought about having the most reliable and versatile cosmetics in all types of occasions. Frank who is a photographer at the same time a make-up artist believes that cosmetics should be durable and playful enough in whatever photo shoots.

Many of the leading brands cosmetics couldn’t cope with the demands and so finalized the idea into launching the Mac Cosmetics in the fashion world catering the cosmetics for the professionals.

Leading Mac Cosmetic Products

Shany Eyeshadow Palette, Botique, 40-Color. It is one of the best of Mac Cosmetics collection. Shany Boutique Eyeshadow is now in assorted-40-color eye shadow that will give any woman their desired look in all shades for day and night activities.

The colors are individually assembled accordingly to its relative shades. The shadows are neatly package in a slender compact that is convenient for anybody to carry and be kept in a bag. It is made from a natural oil base for all types of skin with its bold colors that will make anyone look fresh the whole day and durable lasting colors that will not fade even in tough demands like photo shoots.

Applying Shany Boutique Eyeshadow Palette doesn’t require anyone a reapplication. It is now available in for only $15.95 making you save up to $15.99.

Lasonya got her Shany Eyeshadow Palette, 40 colors and said that from the time she has the eye shadow on, she always got compliments. She also had it as a gift to her friend making her friend love it, too. For Lasonya, Mac Shany Eyeshadow is more vibrant in color once applied unlike other make-ups that look dull once on.

Bundle Monster Studio Pro Makeup Set Kit. The kit is the basic tools for the professionals and for anyone who loves make-up. The Bundle Monster 34pc Make up Cosmetic Brush is a complete kit for your convenience and to cope with the demands of your profession. The kit includes the 34 pieces brush for eye shadow, blush, concealer, angle liner, sponge shadow, brow, lash comb brushes in different sizes. It is now available in for $31.99 making you save up to $18.00.

BiancatheBeauty got her 34-pc Studio Pro Make-up Brush Set because she wanted to have varieties of brushes to apply to her shadows and more than that she’s a make-up geek so it was a great purchase on her part. The leather case was a little annoying because of its smell. Nonetheless, she thought it was a great buy for a cheap price.

The two Mac Cosmetics reviews best explains the functions and how these two sets work with the professionals and to the ordinary women in their daily life.

Mac Cosmetics Reviews