Nars Cosmetics

Stop thinking that NARS cosmetics are too expensive but instead you must be grateful knowing how it helps every woman in their artistic way of life.

If you want a gorgeous look try the NARS cosmetics, all products are made for all type of skins thus, applicable to all. There blush and lip color are well blended to match the skin tone of every woman cheeks and lips.

The Beginning of NARS Cosmetics

Actually, NARS cosmetic was named before the Francois Nars who was born in South of France, at early age he already shows interest and appreciation of sophisticated designers, models, hair stylists and make-up artists. His passion continues when he step on the make-up school wherein his talent become more progressing.

It was then when he launched his first collection of twelve lipsticks and because of the overwhelming demand he was inspired to create various multi-use products. NARS cosmetics are product that will offer a wide range of colors for women to express their personality and individuality.

NARS cosmetics doesn’t end its creation of lip colors only but he even extend to another cosmetic line like Orgasm blush, creams for eyes, lips or cheek, condoms and nail polish. Recently, he introduced skincare, cleanser and moisturizer which also earned committed clientele. NARS continues to create and work on new projects to grow and develop the brand.

NARS Cosmetic Products and Its Features

The continuing success of NARS was the logical result of their products which really a must-buy item of women who loves to wear make-up and look beautiful. If you have not yet tried the application of NARS cosmetics it’s better to know more of their products before buying.

NARS “Orgasm” blush is one of the most top selling products which eventually came in gift sets for the convenient of their customers, “Safer Multiple Orgasm” set is reasonably priced because a set of cream stick for eyes, lips and cheeks – is a great buy!

Another product was Orgasm Illuminator, is a weightless fluid that instantly makes skin refresh, radian and glowing. There are three available shades, flecks of gold, peach and pink shimmer that allows the skin look natural luminosity to shine all day.

NARS cosmetics introduce another blush-on, NARS Bronzing Powder is good for those women who has lines and pores, it fills in those lines and pores for smoother looking result. It enhances or creates the look of tanned akin and the subtle shimmer makes the skin more glower. And what is good in this bronzing powder it is ideal for all types of skin tones.

There are other products you must discover, browse the internet now for complete information and details of NARS cosmetics. It might sound expensive but all products are top-notch, knowing that most make-up artists and celebrities love NARS cosmetic especially the NARS blushes.

NARS Cosmetics Products Reviews

Make-up artists, celebrities and the common users will never be a fan of NARS cosmetics without the testimonies of the long time users. There are many good things heard about NARS cosmetics and because of these comments and appreciations the said company become more known in the world of cosmetics.

A makeup artist of NARS recommends almost all of their products because it is universally created, everyone is inclusive to the shades they blended for all kind os skin tones. For him Orgasm may be flattering for those fairer women and for the makeup color he recommend colors that are more intense and amazing applied with a light touch.

Most NARS users says that NARS orgasm is the best blush ever and everytime they ran out of blush they preferably buy another piece of orgasm. For them it is very nice, the texture of the pressed powder is very fine. But she was disappointed maybe because NARS orgasm has no applicator thus, if you are in travel you have to bring an separate applicator. She preferred other brand which has the built-in applicator both for orgasm blush and eyeliner. She even tried to compare NARS cosmetics with the other brand she using now, she loves the smell of the latter cosmetics.

One of the remarkable reviews was given by a first time user, according to her she bought the NARS “orgasm” blush after she reads reviews about this product. She said the shade was complimentary to her complexion because she got fair skin. She doesn’t like pink shades, it happens that the orgasm looks too pink but she still tried it. She find it fabulous because she received compliments, she look glowing all day.

So, what are you waiting for try the NARS cosmetics for your daily use and surely compliments will let you know how true are those testimonies.

Nars Cosmetics Reviews