Origins Cosmetics

Be one of the people fascinated by the wonders of Origins Cosmetics.

This is one of the most outstanding cosmetics brand, so find out why it is so through learning more about the company and its products, including what the customers say.

How Origins Cosmetics Came About

Back in the 1990s, Origins Cosmetic had fascinated women young and old alike with the innovative cosmetics that this company produced. The founder took its lesson from the mother cosmetic company, Estee Lauder, where he was raised and brought up with the cosmetic concepts. In order not to be a close contingent of his mother company, the founder made it to a point of bringing up a delineation of cosmetics by using natural ingredients in his line.

True to his philosophy, beauty needs to be natural in order not to destroy what is inherent. The addition of synthetic ingredients could be detrimental to sensitive complexion thus the company avoided. The use of substances from animals is not also included in the company’s cup of tea due to some findings that some individuals have experienced allergic reactions to these substances.

The Products of Origins Cosmetic

From the Origins Cosmetics company’s catalog, you will find the wide collections of cosmetics categorized as follows, skin care products such as serums, toners, scrubs, cleanser, moisturizers, masks, eye care and night care; collections for bath and body like body moisturizers, body treats, foot and hand care, sun care, self tan, in bath treats, body scrubs, bath scrubs and body washes; make up and color collections that include concealers, foundations, powders, lipsticks of different shades, eye liners, blush on, bronzers and brushes; peace of mind relaxing oil massage and cease and stress diffuser for sensory therapies; hair care, fragrances and other products for men.

One of the bestsellers from Origins Cosmetics is the Checks and Balances Frothy Face Wash that is only $18.50. For exfoliators, a recommended product would be the Modern Friction that is only $37.50, which is a natural and gentle product for dermabrasion. A finishing powder that is highly recommended is the All and Nothing Face Powder ($25) while the Pinch Your Cheeks ($11.50) is enough to make your cheeks stand out.

For skin care, a must have is the Ginger Souffle that is a body cream, only $28. Other must haves that you should include in your beauty regimen are the Zero oil ($18.50) used for acne and oil control as well as A Perfect World ($31) which is a body cream that contains White Tea.

Reviews from Origins Cosmetics Users

If you are one of the users of Origins Cosmetics, you would surely say that all the products are great, since they really are. Faith can attest to that, who is already nearing her 40’s. Being the mother of a 3 and 4 year old, she felt that her skin looked old from the stress and lack of sleep since she had to take care of her two little kids. She tried using the Starting over Age-Erasing Moisturizer and this really made a change in her skin appearance.

According to her, this hydrated her skin without clogging her pores, leaving a wonderful skin as a result. This goes the same with Leanne who is also using the same product, along with other Origins Cosmetic products such as lotions and creams. She has been a loyal costumer of the brand for several years now and she claims that these products really made a change to her appearance. Despite the loads of work that she has to face everyday and the stress that goes with it, she still looks youthful and glowing, thanks to Origins Cosmetics.

If you want to be one of the countless women who experienced a positive change because of Origins Cosmetics, better start using the products now.

Origins Cosmetics Reviews