Civil War Dresses

Remember history in a unique way by wearing civil war dresses.

Dresses during the civil war may look like they are too old-fashioned to be worn these days but as of the moment, they are actually being brought back to the current fad.

How Civil War Dresses Look Like

Wearing civil war dresses shows an air of elegance and gracefulness on the one wearing the particular dress, as it looks feminine on every edge. However, achieving the civil war fashion look does not just rely on wearing the dress, but also on the way the woman carries herself. She has to show the behavior that women during those days showed, elegant, graceful and gentle.

If you have seen the classic movie ‘Gone with the Wind’ or any other movies that were set during the civil war, then you already have an idea of how a civil war dress looks like. These are usually the long dresses that have long and thick skirts, and the upper part is a bodice that was actually sewn together with the skirts.

The skirt of a civil war dress is very full, but this is not bulky at the waist area. The waist part usually shows off the woman’s curves, and the skirt goes down to the ankles in a full style. For the bodices, these are often in jewel necklines and have center front openings. These are usually fitted into the woman’s body down into the midriff. These dresses during the civil war have full sleeves.

Types of Civil War Dresses

A lot of people may be unaware of this but there are actually various types of civil war dresses.

For an untrained eye, every civil war dress will look the same – all with full skirts and tight bodices. However, if you get used to seeing these dresses more often, then you would be aware of the different kinds of dresses worn during the civil war. One of the most commonly used civil war dress is the homestead dress that is either used during camps, when working or when pregnant. Because this is loose fitting, you can easily move with it, such as when you are cooking, cleaning, or whatever work that you need to do. If you want to have a more pronounced waist, you can use an apron.

There are day dresses too that every woman will surely love. One of them is the Lowell Mill Dress that is according to history, it was worn by Mary Gregg Butler. This dress has full sleeves, but through the years, the sleeves were banded down and are in cotton prints. Meanwhile, the Full High Gown has a rectangular skirt panel and it has gigot sleeves.

Women wore certain dresses during tea parties, and were of course called tea dresses. The front parts of these dresses appear to have folded pleats, although these are actually darted bodices with strips. Horses were basically the means of transportation during the civil war era, women wore their Riding Habit or Riding Outfit. These have floor length skirts and they are usually worn with a riding or walking jacket. For socialization purposes, there are civil war ballgowns that are more stylish than the usually worn dresses.

What Women Say About Civil War Dresses

Most of the time, women wear civil war dresses during these days for reenactment purposes such as during plays, or when the civil war era is made as a party theme. For her birthday, Adrienne wanted it to be different than the usual ones that she attends to. She then decided to have the civil war era theme wherein she asked all her guests to come to her party wearing civil war outfits.

Some were delighted, some were not too pleased and some were intrigued. However, everyone did attend her party. Dressed in their wonderful outfits, everyone had fun, and totally enjoyed this reenactment, even if it was only through the clothes that they wore. Everyone had a great time, and most of all Adrienne had the best party ever that others wanted to do it as well.

Being aware of how beautiful civil war dresses can be, wouldn’t you like to have your own too?

Civil War Dresses