Kays Jewelry

If you’ve been searching for jewelry that will last a lifetime, try Kay Jewelry. We guarantee it will be the final stop in your search.

An Overview of Kay Jewelry

Kay Jewelry is a premiere online retailer of diamonds and diamond jewelry, but today they bring their sparkling stones to malls and Kay Jewelry shops worldwide.

What you think of the company is of high importance to Kay; they want customers to develop confidence in them when it comes to their service as well as their products. They have high business and ethics standards, offering customers only the finest of conflict-free diamonds.

Goldsmiths at Kay are experts in the traditional art of fine jewelry making, working with gold, platinum, and mokume-gane. Kay continues showcase beautiful handcrafted jewelry as a testament to their enduring and steadfast mission of providing the best service for their customers. They offer made-to-order pieces, superb repair services, restranding, jewelry loans, and instalment plans.

Kay’s drive to form valuable, long-lasting relationships with their customers since 1916 is one of the things that made them famous. No matter how big the company has grown, their age-old practice of consideration for all their customers’ needs will ensure their lasting success.

Kay Jewelry Products

Kay offers every type of jewelry you can imagine, in a breathtaking array of styles. Rings, necklaces, pendants, earrings, bracelets, watches – you name it, they’ve got it. Or if they don’t, they’ll make it for you. Kay Jewelry comes in several dazzling collections, including Leo Diamond, Open Hearts by Jane Seymour, Neil Lane Bridal, Love’s Embrace, Le Vian, and many more.

Are you on the hunt for the perfect ring? Then the 14K white gold beauty with the 1/3 Carat Leo Diamond Princess Cut Solitaire ($1299.99) might just fit the bill. For necklaces, the 14K Gold Necklace with 1/3 Carat Chocolate Diamond ($1149.99) from the Le Vian Collection is among the top favorites. Dreaming of your very own Diamond Earrings? Then order a pair from the Love’s Embrace Collection for only $449. Kay pendants are among the loveliest in the industry, with the Steel & Diamond Cross Pendant ($350) by Simmons Jewelry Co. standing as a shining example.

Kay also offers a stunning selection of men’s jewelry. A few of their best pieces include the 10K Yellow Gold Rope Chain Bracelet ($399), the Simmons Jewelry Co. Chain ($195), and the Silver Diamond Band from Triton Tungsten & Sterling ($2849.99).

Jewelry from Kay collections are so beautiful and have such distinct patterns that they serve as inspiration pieces for other jewellers. Examples of lovely Kay-inspired pieces which can be bought online include:

14K White Gold Fresh Bella Freshwater Cultured Pearl Pendant 14K White Gold Fresh Bella Freshwater Cultured Pearl Pendant. Reminiscent of one of Kay’s lovely Sea Magic Cultured Pearls by Mikimoto pendants, this inspired piece adds a twist of playfulness to the classic pearl pendant. A classic fit for any and every occasion, this is one pendant you are sure to keep using over and over and over again. Its other features:

  • Brand name: American Pearl
  • Cable chain
  • Pearl – 7 mm; Drop shape; Uniform; High-luster; Light gray minimum color
  • Diamonds – Shape: round; .02 carats; Color: G; Clarity: SI1
  • Price: $130
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10K White Gold Open Heart Pendant 10K White Gold Open Heart Pendant. This stunning item is inspired by the Open Hearts by Jane Seymour Diamond Necklaces, one of Kay’s most popular pieces. A precious piece that would serve as the perfect gift for a loved one, this pendant says “I love you” the best way possible. Its other features:

  • Brand name: Amazon.com Collection
  • Box chain
  • Spring-release clasp
  • Total metal weight: 1.1 g
  • 18 stones total
  • Diamonds – Shape: round; Minimum color: H-I; Minimum clarity: I1-I2
  • Price: $209 (discounted)
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10K White Gold Mother and Baby Turtle Diamond Pendant 10K White Gold Mother and Baby Turtle Diamond Pendant. A fun, charming keepsake, this precious number takes its inspiration from one of Kay’s Black and White Diamond Collection pendants. This pendant would make a lovely Mother’s Day gift for the most irreplaceable woman in your life. Its other features:

  • Brand name: Amazon.com Collection
  • Dimensions: 0..63” x 0.55”
  • 18” rope chain
  • Spring ring clasp
  • Total metal weight: 1.7 g
  • 21 stones total
  • White diamonds – Shape: round; Minimum color: IJ; Minimum clarity: I2-I3
  • Price: $125 (discounted)
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Customer Reviews for Kay Jewelry

You’ll be hard-put to dig up any negative reports from Kay customers. They pay such great attention to their customers’ needs that they’ll leave little else to be desires. And of course, the products themselves are to die for. Kay pieces are unique, timeless, and classic.

Michelle’s fiancé bought her an engagement ring from The Leo collection. It was given to her as a surprise and the moment she saw it, she instantly fell in love with it. It was beautiful, elegant and so well-made. The diamonds didn’t grow loose over time unlike other rings she’d owned before. Her ring looked as good as new years after she received it.

On the other hand, Lyn absolutely loved Kay’s products, but doesn’t feel as strongly about their customer service. She went to have a ring resized, but found the personnel to be not as accommodating as she wished. She was nevertheless undaunted about buying more jewelry from Kay, although she now prefers to do her transactions online.

In spite of intense competition in the industry, Kay still remains unshaken. The company’s products have been proven time and again to be the perfect embodiment of precision, versatility, and durability, reflecting their artists’ ingenious designs throughout the years. Kays Jewelry offers you only the best jewelry to suit your deepest desires today and in days to come.

Kays Jewelry Reviews