Tiffany Jewelry

Who hasn’t heard of Tiffany jewelry?

Tiffany & Co., one of the world’s leading jewelry and silverware companies, is a giant in the industry, and for good reason.

Its rich heritage is known worldwide and is already deeply ingrained in our culture. When you think of jewelry, you think of Tiffany.

The Rich Heritage of Tiffany Jewelry

Founded in 1837, Tiffany began its life in the business as a company selling fancy goods. When Charles Lewis Tiffany took over the charge of the company, however, they began to focus on jewelry. The emporium soon began to attract the rich and famous from all over the world – celebrities, big-name socialites, political bigwigs, you name it.

Charles Lewis Tiffany’s purchase of one of the world’s largest yellow diamonds and his subsequent acquisition of the French crown jewels earned him the title “King of Diamonds“. Tiffany & Co. soon became a byword for being the place where the world’s finest diamonds can be purchased.

Why is Tiffany Jewelry a Legacy?

Tiffany Jewelry is set apart from its competitors because of its unquestionably exceptional quality. But what particularly catapulted the jewelry company into where it is today is the setting of its engagement rings – the epitome of class and elegance. The well-known Tiffany setting, or Tiffany mount, is the signature set of prongs affixed to a plain band ring and holding a diamond. This raised the gem above the band and allows it to capture more light for an unrivalled brilliance.

Lucida, one of the world’s few patented diamond cuts, was introduced by Tiffany in 1999. A Lucida-cut diamond is characterized by a squarish mixed cut with a high crown. All in all, the diamond holds a total of 50 facets. This particular cut maximizes the brilliance of the diamond and is now a symbol of status for Tiffany.

Aside from innovative diamond cuts and settings, Tiffany also works with diamonds in varying and exquisite colors. Examples are the lovely pink Kunzite, named after Tiffany gemologist George Kunz, and the gorgeous blue Tanzanite diamond, which was first discovered in Tanzania.

Each piece from Tiffany is a labor of love and a work of art that will last for generations. The name itself carries a distinction that sets it apart and even beyond other jewelry makers. Unrivalled class, timelessness, and sophistication – all these are guaranteed in every Tiffany purchase.

Tiffany & Co. Etoile Platinum Diamond Bangle Bracelet Tiffany & Co. Etoile Platinum Diamond Bangle Bracelet. An elegant bangle bracelet crafted out of the finest platinum, and studded with VVS-clarity diamonds, this delicate piece will win your heart the moment you see it. It will lend a touch of simple, understated sophistication to any wrist it adorns. Buy it for yourself or for a loved one; it is the perfect present for any and every occasion. Its other features:

  • Metal stamp: Tiffany & Co. PT 950
  • Width: 5.50 mm
  • Length: 133.35 mm
  • Total stone weight: 0.23 carats
  • Stone shape: Round
  • Minimum color: F-G
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Platinum Tiffany & Co. Milgrain Wedding Band Platinum Tiffany & Co. Milgrain Wedding Band. Say you I-dos in style with this one of a kind platinum wedding band from Tiffany. Let it grace your finger for the rest of your life as the long-lasting and precious reminder of your love for your spouse. Strong, simple, and elegant with a modicum of fuss – this is how a wedding ring ought to be. Its other features:

  • Metal stamp: Tiffany & Co. PT 950
  • Width: 6 mm
  • Weight: 14.2 g
  • Ring size: 9.5, Resizable
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Platinum Tiffany & Co. Diamond Wedding Band Platinum Tiffany & Co. Diamond Wedding Band. What wife-to-be would not love having this exquisite Tiffany ring on her finger? Adorned with 15 VVS2-clarity diamonds of exceptional brilliance, this priceless piece keeps things neat, simple, and elegant. This wedding band is truly a beautiful work of art to celebrate love that will last a lifetime. Its other features:

  • Metal stamp: Tiffany & Co. PT 950
  • Setting: Pave
  • Width: 2.5 mm
  • Ring Size: 5.75, Resizable
  • Total stone weight: 0.33 carats
  • Stone shape: Round
  • Minimum color: F
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What People Say about Tiffany Jewelry

People are unanimous in their praise of Tiffany Jewelry. Who can go wrong with the simple and elegant? Every Tiffany piece is a definite people-pleaser, with sophisticated lines and clean cuts. Each piece bears the mark of an exceptionally skilled craftsman. This isn’t to say the Tiffany doesn’t produce more elaborate designs. Tiffany’s Statement Jewelry pieces come in intricate combinations of diamonds and other precious stones for a show of dazzling brilliance. One piece of Statement Jewelry is so bewitching even on its own that it can be worn without any accompaniment.

While prices are often steep, Tiffany also carries comparably exquisite jewelry for more affordable prices. Sterling silver jewelry may be purchased even at prices below $250, and are in no way inferior to their higher-priced equivalents in terms of craftsmanship. Quality is an undisputable prerequisite in each Tiffany product.

Even Tiffany Jewelry, however, is subject to tarnishing in the long run, particularly the silver pieces. This is a natural result of contact with body oil, perfumes, or lotions. To keep your Tiffany pieces in tip-top shine and sparkle, you may have them cleaned once in a while by professionals at Tiffany’s or other jewelry stores for a small fee. Alternatively, you can learn to do this yourself with the right materials.

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