Juicy Couture Charms

How sure are you with your Juicy Couture Charms Collection?

Over millions of women around the world are hooked with Juicy Couture Charm. A few of them even ended up collecting these fine pieces for their personal keepsake. A dozen collectors appear on websites to verify if their collected pieces are genuine JC Collection.

But unfortunately, a few got their Juicy Couture Charm collections without knowing which one is authentic and which one is not.

When one product becomes famous, it is an inevitable tendency for a fine-line to be copied. Just like same like Juicy Couture handbags, the replicas are now copied in details more closely to the authentic ones, it is surely difficult to figure out one as authentic.

Steps to Have an Authentic Juicy Couture Charms Collection

If you are considering of having Juicy Couture Charms as your collection then you’ve got to follow these steps:

  • Learn more information about Juicy Couture Charm. There is no need to be in a hurry. Your knowledge of the product will be your guide for a lasting collection. Information can be found just anywhere in the web. But you got to be very cautious; few websites claim that their JCs are authentic but not.
  • Take a closer look at details. Imitators are usually poor at details. Colors, Stones, Figures, and the locations of the engraved JC Charm crown are not appropriate.
  • Have a comparison. The best way to do that is to have a side by side comparison. There is actually one store in e-bay that provides the vivid and bold pictures of the side-by-side comparison of the authentic and the counterfeit of JC Charm. Have it checked in Hizo’ Clothing and Accessories. Genuine JCs are posted there with their original gift boxes. Another proof that they are original.
  • Collect the one on sale. If you already collected almost all of the Juicy Couture Charms, then there is no need to follow the forth steps. The step is for the new collectors. Collecting is sometimes a costly hobby but there is a way to cut that cost. Look for the one on sale. In that way you can have more of your collection.

Authentic Juicy Couture Charms

  • Juicy Couture Starter Charm – The fine and sophistication of JCs Starter charm’s design is the best way to begin with your collection. It functions as your foundation for the Authentic Juicy Couture Charms. The bracelet has its signature core of the Juicy Couture jewellery line which is located at the end. The JC starter charm is in 14k plate on sold brass. In Amazon, you can have it authentic. It is now available at $42.

    T. Ready has bought this bracelet as a Christmas gift for my daughter. She was a little disappointed. The gold tone was visibly wearing just within the first 2 days she owned the product. So she no longer shower or sleep with the bracelet. After one week the bracelet looked horrible and my daughter stop wearing it.
  • Lipstick Silver Charm – Dress up your Juicy Couture Charm bracelet with the Lipstick Silver Charm. This charm seem be the regular everyday lipstick container you have. It is silver with the top lipstick portion being pink. The Lipstick Silver Charm is another fine piece you can include for you collection. The piece is fitting for special occasions like party and your night life. It is now available at $35 – $40.
  • Puffed Pave Heart Charm – Another fine piece of Juicy Couture is this Puffed pave Heart Charm; a very good gift for your girl friends and a perfect part of your collection. Add up this pretty puffed heart adorned with a Juicy Couture Banner in Gold making it a good collection. And the Gold Lobster clasp with its signature crown. It is now available at $55.00.
  • Semi-previous straw Bag Bracelet – A perfect remembrance you can give to a friend and best kept for your collection. You can have it worn in summer; the occasion makes it a fitting charm for you Juicy Couture Charm Bracelet. The straw basket has a flower on top with a cute flower and hanging “J” charm. Brown enamel basket handles attach to a polished gold clasp. The overall look is so rich. It measures approximate 2″ high including the Lobster clasp that has the engraved crown signature. This makes a PERFECT part of your Juicy Couture Charm collection. It is now available at $42. It’s now on sale in Amazon.
  • Cotton candy Machine Charm – A pink look of the Old Fashioned Cotton Candy that you used to have is another perfect gift you can give to a friend in a distance. With this fine piece, she will surely remember all the memories you have together especially the fun moments you have collected in your memory. The sweet swirl of the pink fluffy cotton candy pays a perfect tribute to the classic cotton candy machines that mostly come in the carnival. The Cotton Candy Machine features its functional wheels and comes with lobster clasp with the crown signature on it. It is now available at $52.00. It is perfect part of your collection.

The five Authentic Juicy Couture Charms are highly recommended as a gift for you loved ones. Receiving them will sure overwhelmed their hearts and will make them smile to their hearts content.

The best way to stay juicy and sweet is having them collected and kept for your personal keepsake. It is worth it for your expensive hobby. Just a piece of advice, have the Authentic JC collected not the counterfeit.

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