Cheap Jewelry

Any woman would go wild for an excellent bargain, and cheap jewelry is as awesome as a bargain can get.

After all, nobody ever said that the loveliest jewelry has to come at the cost of an arm and a leg. Why pay through the nose when you can have good-quality jewels for less?

Why wait to save for so long for a pair of earrings when you’re bound to find almost the exact same thing at a lower cost? If you’re a glam goddess on a budget, get yourself some cheap jewelry.

Popular Online Jewelry Shops vs. Cheap Online Jewelry Shops

The web is chock-full of excellent jewelry stores, with a few popular high-end establishments. Among the names topping the list are Blue Nile and USA Diamonds. They manufacture and sell some of the best and priciest jewelry on the market. These big-name jewelry giants dazzle and inspire women, sparking and stoking their lust for all that glitz and glamor money can buy.

However, a Blue Nile customer who wishes to remain anonymous claims that although she is a die-hard fan of their jewels, she is not a big fan of buying diamonds online, as they are expensive and she couldn’t help worrying that they’d get lost in the mail. She once fell in love with a pretty diamond bracelet and decided to order it straight away, but upon its arrival, she was shocked to discover that there were a few missing stones. That had got to hurt.

So rather than face the risk of delivery issues with your precious, priceless cargo, you can instead opt for one of the hundreds of famous online jewelry shops offering fine jewelry at nearly scandalous prices. This time, it’s not just the items that will make your eyes pop – even the price tag is drool-worthy. Cheap Wholesale Jewelry and Oriental are among the best in the cheap jewelry business. They provide excellent craftsmanship at equally excellent prices.

When you know that you know that you know that you deserve a masterpiece, and yet cannot purchase from a high-end shop without blowing your budget, go for some cheap but beautiful jewelry. You’ll get 100% satisfaction with no harm done to your precious funds.

Cheap Jewelry vs. Pricey Jewelry

If design and quality is guaranteed to be comparable, a smart shopper doesn’t need to flesh out all the details before choosing cheap jewelry over pricier pieces. But for the sake of argument, let’s all take a deeper look. A good way to begin your research is to hunt for pairs of lookalike jewelry – one expensive, the other cheap.

Expensive vs. Cheap Sapphire-and-Diamond Bracelets

One of Blue Nile’s loveliest pieces is their Oval Sapphire and Diamond Semi-Bezel-Set Bracelet. Crafted from luxurious 18k white gold which makes the lovely deep blue color of the sapphires pop, this is one stunner of a piece. Added to that is the dazzling brilliance of its prong-set diamonds, totalling 1.0 carats. This item is truly an unforgettable piece. Expect it, however, to set you back $6,950. For this pretty trinket, beauty does come at a high price.

Genuine Sapphire and Diamond Bracelet in 14k White Gold Genuine Sapphire and Diamond Bracelet in 14k White Gold. Here is a lookalike that offers you the exact same lovely contrast between deep blue and clear crystals, for only $829 – that’s less than an eighth of the inspiration piece’s cost! Also crafted from white gold, sapphire, and diamonds, it doesn’t just give you the look of the real thing – it’s made from the real thing. Its other features:

  • Brand name: Mytreasurez
  • Total gem weight: 7.74 carats
  • Prong setting
  • 7” chain; box with tongue and safety clasp
  • Sapphires: Shape – Oval; Color – Blue
  • Diamonds: Shape – Round brilliant; Minimum color – GH; Minimum clarity – SI2-I1; Total weight – 0.27 carats
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Rhodium Plated Brass Bracelets with Sapphires and Cubic Zirconium Rhodium Plated Brass Bracelets with Sapphires and Cubic Zirconium. When we said it’s possible to go cheap, you can bet that we meant it. This lovely piece captures the essence of the original and makes it accessible for the fashionista on a tight budget. At $65.25, you can literally buy more than a hundred of these for the price of the inspiration piece. Its other features:

  • Brand name: Bracelets – Rhodium Plated
  • Metal: Brass
  • Prong setting
  • Box with tongue and safety clasp
  • Sapphires: Shape – Oval; Color – Blue
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Expensive vs. Cheap Diamond Heart Pendant

If a Valentine’s Day piece is what you’ve been hunting for, you might have already spotted Blue Nile’s lovely Heart-Shaped Garnet and Diamond Pendant. Who could resist saying “I love you” with this priceless, precious keepsake? Set in 18k white gold, this breathtaking piece is sure to win hearts. For this pendant, though, expect to pay $560.

Garnet Heart Pendant with Diamonds in 10k White Gold Garnet Heart Pendant with Diamonds in 10k White Gold. There’s no reason for you not to fall in love with this pendant after drooling over the inspiration piece. What’s even better about it is that it costs less than thrice the price you’d pay for the Blue Nile item. Is it a good deal? Of course it is! Its other features:

  • Brand name: MyJewelryBox
  • Total gem weight: 0.7100 carats
  • Prong setting
  • Pendant dimensions: 0.63” x 0.38”
  • Spring ring clasp
  • Garnet: Shape – Heart; Color – Red; Clarity – I1-I2
  • White Diamond: Shape – Round; Color – GH; Clarity – I1-I2
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With these pieces’ excellent craftsmanship and more-than-excellent prices, how can you not be convinced? All it takes is a bit of inspiration, a bit of research, and you’ll soon be amassing your very own impressive collection of cheap jewelries, without ever going over your budget.

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