Olga Lingerie

Fit and comfort are among a woman’s top priorities when shopping for lingerie. These two factors are delivered at their best with Olga lingerie.

It’s not always easy to find something that looks and feels tailor-made to suit your body, but with Olga, you’re sure to find the answer to your biggest needs.

The Beginning of Olga lingerie

Olga lingerie was started by Olga Erteszek with only $10 as capital and a rented sewing machine. The first items they produced were lacy garter belts, which her mother taught her to make. Their sample products sold like hotcakes and their popularity spread like wildfire until they were able to establish a very successful business.

The company is known for producing comfortable, supportive undergarments and fashionable bras. It gained even more popularity upon the introduction of the seamless bra and the nightgown with built-in bra to their product lines. Olga designed the nightgown herself while confined in the hospital, and became the first to try it out.

Olga continued to design and test more undergarments, striving to perfect her girdles, brassieres, and lingerie until she passed away due to breast cancer. Her legacy remains to this day in the superior quality of her company’s products.

Product Designs and Features

Olga’s company is known primarily for its excellent bras and later on, for its girdles and lingerie. By far their hottest sellers are their bras. Featuring a wide variety of designs, patterns, and colors, their bras have been exceedingly popular among women of all ages.

Olga Women’s Satin Edge Olga Women’s Satin Edge4.4 out of 5 stars. This full-figure underwire provides the ultimate comfort with its smooth and elegant satin edging. Nylon and Spandex provide excellent durability and just the right amount of support for your breasts. Its other features:

  • Comfort back underwire
  • Innerluxe cup lining
  • Satin edging at neckline
  • Available in Black, Butterscotch, Ivory, Pink, White, and Iced Grape
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Olga Women’s Luxury Lift Olga Women’s Luxury Lift4.6 out of 5 stars. Designed to provide superior lift and support, the Olga Women’s Luxury Lift is made of strong nylon and elastane. A comfort back underwire provides added support. Its other features:

  • Comfort back underwire
  • Lace detail
  • Innerluxe cup lining
  • Available in Black, Butterscotch, Ivory, Lux lavender, Pink Pearl, White, and Animal Print
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Olga Women’s Secret Hug Nylon Scoop Brief Olga Women’s Secret Hug Nylon Scoop Brief4.9 out of 5 stars. This comfortable classic waistband brief was designed to flatter the average-sized woman’s figure. It keeps your derriere snug and cozy while still allowing enough freedom in its scooped back. Its other features:

  • Patented fit
  • Soft, stretch nylon
  • Stretch lace trim
  • Won’t ride up
  • No visible panty lines
  • Available in Ivory, Pale Blush, and White
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Olga Women’s Signature Support Full Figure Seamless Tailored Underwire Bra Olga Women’s Signature Support Full Figure Seamless Tailored Underwire Bra4.6 out of 5 stars. One of Olga’s most popular items, this tailored underwire bra promises to deliver what it sells in its name – a tailored fit. Experience the superior fit and comfort of this bra with its non-scratching microfiber hook and eye closure and soft microfiber straps. Its other features:

  • Nylon and spandex
  • No-poke underwire channel
  • Seamless cups
  • Side slings inside cups for shaping and support
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Olga offers several more products for affordable prices, including corsets, nightdresses, bathing suits, wraps, and many more.

Customer Reviews on Olga Lingerie

A company’s reputation is more than just product promotions and ads. It makes a lasting name for itself through the quality of its products and through the testimonies and reviews of satisfied customers. Such is the case with Olga products. Through the years, customers have been satisfied with Olga’s comfortable and figure-flattering bras.

Janet is a full-figured woman who has gone through several different brassiere brands and styles, all of them well-made. She, however, believes she found the one style of bra that would remain with her for life when she discovered the Olga Women’s Signature Support Full Figure Seamless Tailored Underwire Bra. She even bought several more just in case the company would ever discontinue the brand. Dominique, a full size 40D, says she has found it next to impossible to find a bra that provides enough lift for her ample bosom, but with the Olga Tailored Underwire Bra, she discovered exactly what she needed.

It’s not just the bras that are getting the rave reviews, either. Karen and Joyce have nothing but praise for the Olga Women’s Secret Hug Nylon Scoop Brief. Joyce enjoys the comfortable, non-binding stretch lace at the waistline and leg openings. She had been wearing the design for a while before retail stores stopped selling them, and was delighted to discover that they were still sold online. Karen goes on to say that some of hers have lasted for four years and are still in great condition.

Many customers have credited Olga with the best bras and lingerie they have ever tried. Comfort and support have been repeatedly stressed in their advertisements and product features, but nothing says it better than a perfectly satisfied customer. The sheer variety of available patterns and colors has also been a great pleaser. More well-endowed women have particularly found Olga products perfect for their special needs – something they couldn’t always say for a few more expensive brands. The high quality of the materials and the superior construction of Olga bras and lingerie ensure that these are products that will stay with you for years to come – a truly worthwhile investment for any woman.

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