Croc Sandals

I have always wondered why a lot of women love Croc Sandals.

Ever since crocs have gone public, everywhere I go, I get to see so many people wearing crocs. So, let’s us find out the facts about crocs and the reasons behind why people, specifically women, love croc sandals.

Croc Sandal’s History

First of all, let’s us learn a little bit about Crocs. The Croc Sandals are manufactured by Crocs, Inc which was founded by George B. Boedecker. He always wanted to produce a clog design made of foam. Originally, the shoe was developed as spa shoe. Then, the very first croc shoe model (Crocs Beach) made public in 2002 and it has received a good response from the buyers.

In 2004, Crocs produced its shoes using a type of form resin, calls as Croslite, that has many medical benefits. The sandals produced by Crocs have been tested to have many health benefits (eg: Good for Diabetes, Avoid Feet Injuries). Since 2005, many companies and organizations such as U.S Ergonomics Company, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and American Podiatric Medical Association have recommended people to wear the shoes produced by Crocs.

Croc Sandals Models, Types, Features and Colors

There are many Croc sandal models that come with different colors, forms and styles. You will definitely find one that suits your needs. Many people choose Crocs not only because of a sense of fashion, but also for its comfort. There are other more important factors why Crocs is a popular choice – Easy to wear and the perfect fit for daily activities.

Crocs Classic Sandal Crocs Classic Sandal4.4 out of 5 stars. One of the most comfortable croc shoes models ever produced. It has been renamed from the Crocs Cayman. This model has good ventilation and slip-resistant. In addition to this, they are also odor free, anti-microbial and is available in different colors that would best suit your preference. Its other features:-

  • Croslite
  • Rubber sole
  • Approximately 1 inches of Heel
  • About 1/2 inches of Platform
  • Only Available in whole or medium width
  • Blood circulation is promoted with its Massaging nubs
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Croc Wrapped Clog Croc Wrapped Clog is a Womens Comfortable Clog – 4.4 out of 5 stars. This model is one of the most favorite models. It is designed with classic Croc clog but with a new twist. It has Easy-on and off design with overlaid stitch. The colors that you may find are Black, Espresso and Lilac. Its other features:-

  • It is made of leather and Synthetic
  • Man made sole
  • It has about 1 1/2″ or heel height
  • Platform height is about 1/2 inches
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Croc Marnie Croc Marnie – is a Comfortable Womens Flats – 3.6 out of 5 stars. This pair is produced by Croslite material that gives Crocs’ signature comfort. Other features are secure and comfortable fit, greater arch support and stimulate blood flow. The designed colors are Black, Espresso and Plum. Its features:-

  • Croslite
  • Manmade sole
  • The Heel height is about 1 inch
  • Near to 1/2 of platform
  • Only whole and medium width size available
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Croc Sandals Reviews – What People Say about Crocs

So far, you only hear good things about Croc Sandals. Is there a bad review on it? Let’s find out what existing users have to say. A lot of people say they were hesitant in buying a pair of Crocs. But, after trying out a pair, they can’t resist to buy one because they are really comfortable on it.

One bad thing about Crocs is the shoes have the potential to build up static charges. A small amount of static charges is normal, but the building up of large amount of static charges may interfere with machinery. This can be dangerous if you wear in certain locations such as hospitals. Therefore, some of the hospitals in Sweden and Canada have banned Crocs entirely.

If you do an extensive research, you will know a lot of women find croc sandal really comfortable and stylish. Each type of the shoes come in different colors that would best suit our preference or need. Some reviews said that some of the ladies have been avoid buying crocs for such a long time since they didn’t know the feeling of wearing this plastic shoe. However, after buying their first pair, they have become Crocs fan. Some even uses their sandals while gardening or doing lawn. 9 out of 10 women would say the sandal is comfy and they love it.

After reading this, I bet you are eager to get a pair for yourself too and feel the comfort wherever you go.

Now we know why every woman in the world would die for getting a pair of croc sandal. It is not only with the style and how vibrant the colors are but, also the benefits we get from it. Surely, the sandals give comfort on those tired feet. I will certainly get one too and be one of the women in the world that is experiencing the comfort with croc sandals.

Croc Sandals Reviews