Designer Laptop Bags

Do you want to protect your laptop from scratches and scrapes, but are sick of those boring, bland laptop bags sold everywhere?

Now is the time to look for your very own designer laptop bag online!

The fact that a laptop is a gadget bought primarily for its function doesn’t mean that the bag you use can’t be stylish. Laptop bag designs have come a long way from those tasteless generic ones that come free with a laptop purchase.

Customers – women in particular – aching to have a bit of personality in their laptop bags can now find several designs to please their fastidious tastes.

Purpose of Designer Laptop Bags

But before you run off thinking that designer laptop bags are only for the fussy fashionistas, think again. Considering how expensive some laptops are and how important they are to the user, it makes perfect sense to want to protect them. A laptop bag is designed for that exact purpose. It just so happened that some look so much better than others, and have the quality and durability to boot. That is the edge of designer laptop bags over all the rest.

A designer laptop bag protects your gadget from scratches and scrapes, and provides ample padding for shock absorption to avoid damage from unfortunate falls. If guaranteed quality and protection is what you seek for your prized gadgets, go for a designer laptop bag. You would be getting the best value for your money in terms of both function and form.

Designer Laptop Bags – Designs and Features

Most designer laptop bags were crafted with women in mind. Their stylish and innovative designs make sure that women would fall in love instantly with the bags’ look, while still making sure that their precious cargo remains well taken care of. Comfort in carrying is a major consideration, as well as a variety in carrying options. Sling bags, shoulder bags, handbags, and totes have been custom-fitted to accommodate laptops. A few bestsellers are:

Ecoscapes Exquisite Women’s Designer Briefcase Laptop Bag Ecoscapes Exquisite Women’s Designer Briefcase Laptop Bag. A stylish bag for the stylish executive, this stunning item oozes elegance and sophistication. Be at the top of your game with this faux leather briefcase. Carrying options are made easy with its double rolled handles and detachable shoulder strap. Its other features:

  • Embossed/smooth faux leather
  • Metal hardware
  • Zippered top opening and back pocket
  • Zippered interior pocket and open cellphone pouch
  • Fully lined interior
  • Available in: Cream, Multi-Color, and Pure White
  • 14.5” x 11” x 3.5” (WHD)
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IO Pelle Italian Artichoke Leather Laptop Case IO Pelle Italian Artichoke Leather Laptop Case. This designer laptop bag was hand-made in Naples out of the finest Italian leather. This sturdy, no-nonsense bag is a perfect fit for your laptop as well as your wardrobe. It provides ample room for your laptop and for other important belongings. Its other features:

  • Zippered interior pocket and cellphone pouch
  • Metal hardware
  • 36” adjustable shoulder strap
  • 4.5”-drop handles
  • 14.5” x 17.5” x 3.5” (HWD), with room for expansion
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Belisi Logan Laptop Bag Belisi Logan Laptop Bag. This versatile number may be used as either a shoulder bag or carried in briefcase style. A Peter Belisi masterpiece, this elegant laptop bag is crafted out of the finest Tuscan Dark Chocolate leather and will look perfect either in a professional or a casual setting. Its other features:

  • Two-way carrying
  • South Beach Sand leather trim
  • Monogrammed fabric lining
  • Metal hardware
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Reviews of Specially Designed Laptop Bags

Designer latop bags have been purchased by women from all walks of life – from graphic designers and business hotshots to homemakers and students. Most of them buy their laptop bags both for protection and for fashion. Customers agree that a designer laptop bag adds a touch of personality as well as professionalism that cannot be had with the generic laptop bag. Another edge of a designer over a generic laptop bag is in the craftsmanship. Mass production is not a priority for these top brands; they focus instead on the quality of the materials used and the manner of construction.

Professionals have found designer laptop bags to be particularly convenient, as they not only hold laptops but also portfolios, day planners, file folders, and other small gadgets and belongings. Workmanship in a laptop bag is of utmost importance, as it as to last years without beginning to look cheap and worn.

A laptop is an investment worth protecting, and there are no buts about it. Designer bags are the answers to every laptop owner’s prayers. Experience the comfort, convenience and unparalleled style a designer laptop bag can give. Check out the awesome designs available online now!

Designer Laptop Bags Reviews