Macbook Cases

Have you bought a MacBook case lately for your brand spankin’ new MacBook?

Millions of MacBook owners worldwide are jumping at the chance to purchase a case to protect their new gizmos. You’d probably be wondering if buying a case for your MacBook is going a bit overboard. Well, considering that a MacBook is certainly an investment worth protecting, you can never be too careful.

Why Buy a MacBook Case?

There are number of reasons why you need to purchase a MacBook case. Here are a few.

  • To avoid scratches. It’s always a huge heartbreak whenever your shiny new toy gets its first scratch. Not only do scratches look unsightly, but they also lower the value of your gadget – a big consideration if you’ll ever have to resell or return it. Open, unprotected MacBooks are prone to scratching even if they are never taken outdoors.
  • To keep your MacBook clean and new. Many factors can make a brand-new MacBook look worn in just a few months. Exposure to sunlight, moisture, dust, and dirt can not only spoil how your MacBook looks, but can also damage it if not taken care of. A protective case makes sure it looks and works like new for years.
  • To extend the life of your MacBook. Protecting your MacBook from harmful elements and accidents will definitely prolong its usability. It’s simple common sense. You don’t want it to get damaged in any way, so you have to make sure it’s covered.
  • To get rid of stress. New owners get overly-anxious about making sure their gadgets are in tip-top shape. It can be a huge source of stress when you have to keep checking for surface scratches and dust in nooks and crannies. Why go through that when a MacBook case can make sure that everything’s fine?

MacBook Cases – Product Models and Features

Two manufacturers of MacBook cases that customers swear by are Incase and Speck. These companies have sold millions of their products in stores and online, all of which have garnered stellar reviews from buyers. Here are a few bestsellers:

Speck Products See-Thru Case Speck Products See-Thru Case4.5 out of 5 stars. This hard-shell translucent case adds a touch of color to your generic-looking MacBook while protecting it from unwanted scratches. It is custom-made to fit your device and to leave no room for encroaching dust. Its other features:

  • Rubberized feet
  • Weather-resistant
  • Velcro straps for security
  • Oversized zipper pull
  • Comes with a carry strap and cleaning cloth
  • Available in Aqua, Clear, Pink, and Red
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Speck Products See-Thru Satin Soft-Touch Hard Shell Case Speck Products See-Thru Satin Soft-Touch Hard Shell Case4.5 out of 5 stars. This bestseller lends a touch of sophistication to your MacBook with its silky, semi-translucent finish. Available in a variety of vibrant colors, this is one accessory you simply can’t do without. Its other features:

  • Soft-touch rubberized exterior
  • Optimum ventilation
  • Easy access to MacBook ports
  • Easy grip
  • Available in Black, Pink, Purple, and Red
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Incase Hardshell Case Incase Hardshell Case5.0 out of 5 stars. This injection-molded case is especially engineered to fit your MacBook perfectly. Its efficient design boasts not only of aesthetic appeal but full functionality, with thermal vents and easy access to your MacBook’s ports. Its other features:

  • Frosted exterior
  • Soft-touch coating
  • Rubberized feet
  • Available in Blueberry, Grape, etc.
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MacBook Cases – Reviews

Julz has found nothing to complain about ever since he bought his MacBook case in 2009. He was upset after his MacBook got scratched and to avoid this happening again, he immediately headed out to buy a case. He finally settled on the Speck Products See-Thru Case after seeing that in addition to having all his ports unobstructed, the case is also customized to make it easy for him to check his battery level, infrared, and sleep indicator. He adds that although the case made his MacBook slightly heavier, it doesn’t weigh a ton. Benny agrees and says that the case is so well-fitted that it almost feels as if he didn’t have a protective cover on his MacBook at all. Some users get bothered by the fact that fingerprints are easily visible on the smooth gloss finish, but all agree that these downsides are minor inconveniences and that it is still a terrific product.

The Speck Products See-Thru Satin Soft-Touch Hard Shell Case is equally lauded for fitting to the MacBook like a glove. Lycan claims that once you’ve put it on, you would even forget that it’s there – it feels like a part of the original device. Fingerprint marks are also a minor hassle, but they are very easy to wipe off. All agree that the touch of elegance it adds to the MacBook is a major plus, although some are a bit bothered by the added – though not substantial – weight.

Incase MacBook cases get just as many thumbs-up as those from Speck. Angela and Dek found the Incase Hardshell Case easy to install but rather difficult to remove, as intended by the designers. The excellent colors are a huge bonus to the buyers.

All agree that MacBook cases are more than just functional products. They add pizzazz to the standard MacBooks while keeping the laptop safe from the elements. It is truly a purchase worth making.

Macbook Cases Reviews