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For travel gear that can be trusted to bring you anywhere in the world, choose Eagle Creek Luggage.

General Information about Eagle Creek Luggage

Eagle Creek Luggage is an exclusive brand which specializes in crafting the perfect travel companions. Since 1975, Eagle Creek has been of service to the travelling public, providing them custom packs to answer to their various needs on the go. Luggage from Eagle Creek is built for the purpose of safeguarding the traveller’s personal belongings and valuable property.

Eagle Creek Luggage keeps your things intact, well-packed, and perfectly organized. Each piece in itself is a possession to be treasured and to be proud of no matter where you’re headed. With your well-designed Eagle Creek Luggage, you’ll be sure to travel in first-class style.

Various Products from Eagle Creek Luggage

From backpacks to wheeled luggage, Eagle Creek has it all when it comes to luggage. Eagle Creek products fall under two main categories – Travel Gear and Everyday Bags.

Eagle Creek’s Travel Gear Collection is where you will find the answers to all your luggage needs. Whether it’ll be an overnight stay or a long vacation, Eagle Creek has something that will suit you just right. Examples of bestselling travel bags are the No Matter What Duffel Bag under Lightweight Carry-ons. The Cloudstream Duffel 22 ($175), made for easy packing and unpacking, is another item you simply can’t do without. For those who find it troublesome to lift bags when travelling, the Wheeled Luggage Collection is the way to go. Its Traverse Pro 25 ($325) is very checkpoint friendly, with lockable compartments for your valuables.

For fans of the Duffels and Gear Bags Collection, the Hybrid Hauler ($150) is highly recommended. Thrill-seekers, on the other hand are sure to benefit most from Eagle Creek’s Adventure Travel Packs, of which the Rincon Vita 65L ($225) is one decided favorite. Other stellar products from Eagle Creek include:

Eagle Creek Travel Gear ORV Trunk 30 Luggage Eagle Creek Travel Gear ORV Trunk 30 Luggage4.9 out of 5 stars. Packing a ton of travel gear? Never fear. This roomy, versatile wheeled bag will leave you with nothing to fuss about. You needn’t worry about all your stuff getting mixed up, either, as its organizing system will keep your things snug and in place. Its other features:

  • 6,000 cubic inches capacity
  • Retractable handles
  • Large super-tread wheels
  • Bi-Tech Boot Box
  • Multiple cargo pockets
  • Collapsible padded dividers
  • 15” x 30” x 16” (WHD)
  • Available in Black and Palm Green
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Eagle Creek Travel Gear Small ES Cargo Duffel Eagle Creek Travel Gear Small ES Cargo Duffel4.8 out of 5 stars. This highly convenient duffel bag boasts storm flap protection and lockable two-way zippers to keep both the elements and sneaky hands at bay. Perfect for short trips, this bag provides external compression straps on top to keep your load secure and stabilized. Its other features:

  • 1,850 cubic inches capacity
  • Removable padded shoulder strap
  • Reusable “stuff” pouch
  • 18” x 12” x 11”
  • 1 lb 6 oz
  • Available in Black, Palm Green, Sangria, and Sienna
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Eagle Creek Travel Gear Vagabond Bag Eagle Creek Travel Gear Vagabond Bag4.6 out of 5 stars. Ideal for carry-on, this handy bag makes travelling easier, more secure, and more organized with its ballistic and ripstop nylon material, Secure Zip toggle, adjustable cross-body shoulder strap, and a host of interior and exterior pockets. Its other features:

  • Front and back quick-grab zippered pockets
  • Hideaway H2O pocket
  • Audio port
  • Padded pockets for electronics
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Customer Experiences with Eagle Creek Luggage

Eagle Creek Luggage is a vacationer’s most trusted travel companion. Michael bought the No Matter What Duffel for a holiday with his kids, and says that it is the best duffel they had ever owned. It was made well with tough materials, and even when fully packed, the seams remained tight and the zippers did not give out. The shoulder and compression straps also made carrying it very comfortable. Even when he doesn’t use it for travelling, he still finds use for it as a weatherproof storage bag.

Arshad calls his ORV Trunk 30 his dream travel bag, as not only can it take punishment on all sides, but provides mind-blowingly huge and well-cushioned compartments. Julie, who purchased the same bag for a tour of Europe, found the bag light in spite of its size, and fairly easy to pick up whenever needed. Diane honestly believes that it is the best bag she has ever owned.

Kelly loves the fact that her Small ES Cargo Duffel counts as carry-on for commuter flights. She’s also found it perfect for a weekend trip or a light packer. Dale has been using the same bag for over seven months and says he is pleased to find that it still looks like new. Other buyers even use the duffel as gym bags. One heavy traveller practically lived out of the bag continuously for three years and marvels at its durability. It was easy to clean, needing only a quick trip through the washing machine. Eagle Creek even replaced his shoulder strap for free after its metal parts rusted and its cushioning lost its loft because the bag had a lifetime warranty.

More and more customers are learning to love their Eagle Creek luggage. In spite of the fact that they are generally more expensive than other brands of travel gear, they are nevertheless still worth every last penny.

Eagle Creek travel luggage gear is made by a trusted company with years of experience, thorough research, and the drive to create luggage that will suit even travellers with the highest standards.

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