New Balance Sneakers

When it comes to footwear, New Balance sneakers are undoubtedly top-of-the-line.

They aren’t just admired for their design style-wise, but more so for their overall quality and functionality. With New Balance shoes having been around for decades, their bagging a spot among the industry’s best products consistently is indeed an amazing feat. Let’s take a look at how they’ve made it possible.

New Balance Sneakers – How it All Started

New Balance has been the name associated with durable and versatile shoes since 1906. It is the oldest brand to have earned renown in terms of its products’ sturdiness and flexibility. Sneakers produced by New Balance have time and again surpassed numbers of other brands because of their impeccable quality and craftsmanship.

For a reasonable price, New Balance provides comfortable footwear fit for every activity imaginable. New Balance sneakers are innovative, boasting unique designs and vibrant color blends, to match both classic and trendy fashions. New Balance sneakers are available in all sizes to accommodate all sorts of consumers. Counter heels and inserts made of special gel blends serve to provide added comfort and to improve fit.

The manufacturers capitalize on their century-old experience of crafting shoes with the distinctive three-point arch unique to the brand, which allows their shoes to provide greater balance and comfort. The concept was an original idea by the company’s founder, who, inspired by the chicken foot’s exceptional balance, strove to apply that into each shoe he produced. New Balance sneakers can therefore adapt perfectly to running, standing, jumping, walking, and to any other sort of movement.

New Balance Sneaker Models and Features

New Balance sneakers and New Balance running shoes come in a wide variety of sizes. Men’s shoes are available in sizes B to 6E and widths D, 2E, and 4E, while women’s shoes come in 4A to 4E, with widths 2A, B, D, and 2E. This flexible range of shoe sizes ensures that any customer can find a shoe that is just right for him or her.

New Balance Men's M373G Classic Sneaker New Balance Men’s M373G Classic Sneaker5.0 out of 5. A retro-style shoe, the M373G comes with a comfortable EVA midsole and a simple suede upper. Its minimal lines and streamlined shape make it perfect for everyday use and easy to match with any casual outfit. Mesh incorporated in the suede upper makes it breathable for added comfort. Its other features:

  • Split suede and mesh upper
  • Durable rubber sole
  • EVA heel and midsole
  • Available in Grey, Black, Navy, and Black/White
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New Balance Men’s M574 Sneaker New Balance Men’s M574 Sneaker4.5 out of 5 stars. New Balance comes up with another classic in this popular number. This versatile sneaker provides its wearer with optimum comfort and stability when strolling, running or standing. A durable suede, leather, and mesh upper and a sturdy rubber sole ensure that this is one shoe you’ll stay in love with for years to come. Its other features:

  • Leather, suede, and mesh upper
  • Durable rubber sole
  • EVA/ENCAP heel
  • Die Cut EVA midsole with moisture-wicking lining
  • Removable polyester-lined EVA insole
  • Available in Black, Navy, Black/Grey/White, Grey, Grey/Silver, and Navy/Grey
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New Balance Women’s NB410 Sneaker New Balance Women’s NB410 Sneaker4.5 out of 5 stars. The retro-style NB410 comes in a luxurious but durable textile and suede upper in vivid colors, a casual, slim silhouette and simple lines. An ultra-grippy rubber outsole ensures maximum traction for easy, fluid movement. Its other features:

  • Fabric and suede upper
  • Durable rubber sole
  • Removable padded insole
  • Shock-absorning EVA midsole
  • Available in Black/Light Blue, Grey/Pink, Red/Black, Tan/Brown, and Blue/Grey/Yellow
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What Customers Say about New Balance Sneakers

New Balance Sneakers reviews are mostly good, with so little to say on the downside. Joseph has been in love with the New Balance Men’s M574 Sneakers for six years now because of their sheer comfort and versatility. He insists on wearing them often because they are the cosiest pair he has ever used, and he even goes so far as to recommend it to people he knows.

Philip, another satisfied buyer, says his foot doctor was very specific in recommending New Balance shoes. He opted for the New Balance Men’s M373G Classic Sneaker because he was looking for soles that were thinner than usual running shoes. He found them very comfortable and has not found any reason to regret the purchase. A few customers such as Melissa and Noelle who bought their New Balance Women’s NB410 Sneakers online had some trouble ordering the size just right for them, but found the sleek retro design and vibrant colors too hard to resist.

New Balance Sneakers Reviews