Prada Sneakers

Prada Sneakers have been around for quite some time, but they still remain one of the best sneaker brands to this day.

The History of Prada Sneakers

Prada, a brand of apparel for male and female fashion aficionados, was established back in 1913 by Mario Prada. Prada’s century-old reign in the fashion world has made a name that continues to stand out amidst all the emerging competitors in the industry today.

True to its goals, the company accepts head-on the huge responsibility of meeting the everyday sartorial needs of both men and women. Prada knows how important it is to maintain the balance between meeting the average working person’s essentials for a day-to-day routine and indulging his or her taste for a dramatic flair.

So, to reward yourself for all of your hard work, why not buy yourself a pair of Prada Sneakers? It would be more than merely a well-earned extravagance; a Prada is an experience to be savoured in full by those who deserve it best.

Features, Types and Prices of Prada Sneakers

Even a fashion novice unversed in the ways of style will concede that Prada Sneakers are more than just shoes – they are unquestionable status symbols. Being top-of-the-notch designer shoes, a pair is costly yet fully worth your money in its durability, style, and luxury. Even the revolutionary corrugated plastic packaging is a statement on its own, with Prada’s personalized logo displayed prominently on its side.

Each Prada shoe comes with a removable insole bearing marks indicating where it was manufactured. The purpose of designing a sneaker with a removable insole is to make the cleaning process easier. The insole may be washed thoroughly while the rest of the shoe need only be brushed or wiped. Prada sneaker designs are wholly unique and revolutionary.

You can choose from among a wide variety of Prada Sneakers for men and women. Popular choices for men include Prada Men’s Black Patent Leather Hightop Sneakers ($149), Prada Calzature World Cup Sneakers ($300), and White Patent Leather Men’s Prada Sneakers ($139). For women, the Black and White Women’s Prada Sneakers ($129), the Prada Calzature Donna PR3163 ($350.51), and the Prada Sneaker Silk Matelasse ($150.95) are a few favorites.

Prada Calzature Donna Prada Calzature Donna – The Calzature Donna, a superstar in women’s fashion sneakers, boasts of its excellent fit as well as its style. It features a leather upper, a rubber sole, and cushioning for added comfort. Its other features:

  • Fits true to size
  • Available in Yellow, Pink, Green, and Grey
  • Style Number PR3163
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Prada Calzature Uomo Men's Fashion Sneakers Prada Calzature Uomo Men’s Fashion Sneakers – The Calzature Uomo is the ultimate sporty chic footwear for men. Its sleek design and guaranteed durability will ensure that this is one sneaker you will never get tired of using. Its other features:

  • Fine leather lace-up with mesh fabric
  • Fits true to size
  • Rubber sole for traction
  • Color: Anthracite + Steel Grey, Pavone + Silver, Periwinkle
  • Style Number PS0906
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Prada Calzature Uomo Nevada men's Bike Sneakers Prada Calzature Uomo Nevada men’s Bike Sneakers – These high-cut black leather lace-ups will satisfy even the pickiest male fashion enthusiast. Prada has packed so much personality into this number that just owning a pair is a statement in itself. Its other features:

  • Fine leather upper
  • Rubber outsole for durability and traction
  • Style Number 4T0341
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What Customers Say about Prada Sneakers

Satisfied users rave about the comfort and durability of their Prada Shoes. Nicky is one such customer. Ever since buying his first pair of Pradas, he has been loyal to the brand. He wears his Prada Sneakers practically everywhere he goes, as he says it is his most comfortable pair.

There are several others like Nicky who swear by their favorite Prada Sneakers. However, there are those who hesitate about making such a purchase, as the hefty price tag serves to scare them off a bit. Nevertheless, those who have made the choice claim to have never regretted the decision. A Prada is worth every last cent.

It is high time for you to indulge yourself and head out to buy your own pair of Prada Sneakers. If you’ve been searching for the first name in quality and durability, you can never go wrong with Prada.

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