Asics Running Shoes

ASICS running shoes have garnered several accolades and good reviews among runners worldwide. Let’s try to find out why.

Everyone has a different gait, and the shape of the feet differs from one person to another. ASICS running shoes are available in five different classes designed to cater to specific needs – Neutral, Cushioning, Structured Cushioning, and Maximum Support. Sizes for men and women are available under each category.

The Different Types of ASICS Running Shoes

Neutral running shoes provide a balance for all the essentials: cushioning, stability, and control. The GEL-Kinsei is the perfect example, and is recommended for runners with a normal foot arch and neutral pronation. The Guidance Line was designed to help runners adapt to the natural flow of a foot strike, maintaining a fluid gait over long distances.

Underpronators with a high foot arch can expect to benefit from the Cushioning line, with the GEL-Nimbus standing at the forefront of this class. Excellent cushioning is provided by the trademark silicon based gel in the midsole and the use of a light-weight Solyte foam. Runners can therefore reap the benefits of added cushioning for comfort without the encumbrance of the unwanted weight.

The Structured Cushioning range presents a balance between motion control and cushioning which will please mild overpronators. The GEL-Kayano helps mitigate the impact of shock so that the bones and joint do not have to bear the brunt. The women’s model features a 3-mm increase in heel height to diminish tension on the Achilles tendon.

Flatfooted runners tend to overpronate when running long distances, which is why they should look out for the Maximum Support series, which promises superb motion control. GEL-Evolution is one of the top products of the line. It provides the greatest cushioning to reduce impact, and, while the shoe may be slightly heavier, flexibility is not compromised. This leads to a smoother toe-off, instead of the stiffness runners may feel from the majority of motion-control shoes.

SICS Women’s GEL-Frantic 5 Running Shoe ASICS Women’s GEL-Frantic 5 Running Shoe5.0 out of 5 stars. This lightweight running shoe, though well-suited for normal day-to-day use, comes packed with ASICS trademark performance and fit. Maximum comfort and stability is guaranteed from the breathable mesh upper and Feather Last stability enhancer. Its other features:

  • Synthetic/mesh upper and rubber sole
  • California Slip Lasting for stability and comfort
  • Removable Sockliner to accommodate medical orthotics
  • AHAR High Abrasion Rubber on outsole for added durability
  • Rearfoor GEL Cushioning System for shock absorption and smooth transition
  • Trusstic System for maintaining structural integrity
  • Available in Black/Onyx/Powder Blue, White/Black/Lime, White/Turquoise/Charcoal, and White/Pink/Storm
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ASICS Men’s GT-2150 Running Shoe ASICS Men’s GT-2150 Running Shoe4.9 out of 5 stars. This popular running shoe features Impact Guidance System Technology to enhance the foot’s natural gait, a DuoMax support system to stabilize the midfoot , and a Solyte midsole for responsive cushioning. Its other features:

  • Synthetic/mesh upper and rubber sole
  • Space Trusstic System allows controlled midsole deformation and efficient foot function
  • ComfortDry Sockliner
  • Available in Lightnine/Black/Flame and White/Black/Lime
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ASICS Men’s GEL-Nimbus 12 Running Shoe ASICS Men’s GEL-Nimbus 12 Running Shoe4.8 out of 5 stars. Another excellent shoe that makes use of ASICS’ trademark Impact Guidance System, this number guarantees first-rate cushioning and a stable ride. Packed with performance-enhancing features such as the Space Trusstic System and Solyte midsole, this running shoe is sure to go far. Its other features:

  • Synthetic/mesh upper and rubber sole
  • Guidance line for gait efficiency
  • Asymmetrical lacing design to reduce irritation and increase comfort and fit
  • Discrete Eyelets independently placed to distribute lace tension
  • Available in Black/Caviar/Lightning, Charcoal/Lightning/Neon Orange, White/Black/Royal, and White/Lightning/Lime
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Research and Development behind ASICS Running Shoes

May 1990 marked the opening of the Research Institute of Sports Science in Kobe. Here, several sports facilities allow researchers to carry out on-site experiments and observations of human body motion. State-of-the-art materials and technologies are developed through their findings, which are then applied in the design of ASICS running shoes. Examples of technologies developed by this team of researchers are the Impact Guidance System and Wet Grip Rubber.

ASICS also works with several prominent athletes across various sports disciplines to increase its understanding of people’s needs, which is critical in coming up with new and improved products. This benefits not only professional athletes but also the general public.

What People Think about ASICS Running Shoes – General Reviews

In general, ASICS running shoes have been pretty well raved about among various running communities who applaud the company’s ability to come up with products to accommodate different needs and conditions. Both men and women appreciate how the manufacturer understands that shoes need to be adjusted to suit physical differences.

2010 has been a fruitful year for ASICS, with Runner’s World Magazine bestowing upon them the prestigious “Best Update” award for GEL-Nimbus 12. It has been commended by wearers all over the world for stability, soft cushioning and asymmetrical lacing design that allows for a snug fit.

Additionally, GT-2160 from the ASICS Cushioning range emerged as the winner among shoes from other distinguished brands for the “Editor’s Choice” award by the same magazine. Testers from the magazine praised the shoe for offering a “good balance between firmness and softness” in its cushioning.

All the awards and positive reviews on ASICS Running Shoes leaves no doubt as to their performance. How about the price? In comparison, prices may be on the higher end for celebrated products such as the GEL-Kinsei ($140) and the GEL-Kiyano ($180). However, considering the results they deliver and their durability, the runner gets the better end of the bargain.

Therefore, all you runners out there, be you a professional or an amateur, give ASICS running shoes a try the next time you head out for a new workout shoe. You’re guaranteed to find a pair just right for your personal needs.

Customer Reviews on Asics

Mati bought his Mens GT-2150 ASICS Running Shoe and was amazed at the quality of the material. Upon testing, he was pleased at its excellent shock-absorbing features and breathable upper which kept his feet dry through long runs. He says they aren’t the lightest shoes, but they make up for this by making running feel easy on the body, even when training in the woods or out in the desert.

Greg is yet another satisfies customer. He bought his ASICS Men’s GEL-Nimbus 12 Running Shoe, as he needed a lot of cushioning for his hip, which normally gets sore if he runs more frequently than thrice each week. He found his pair to be great heavy duty shoes, excellent for running on hard surfaces such as asphalt and concrete.

Upon a friend’s recommendation, William bought his GEL-Nimbus to address his flat feet, as he experienced runner’s knee and calf cramps after prolonged running using an ASICS shoe unsuitable for his foot type. He found his shoes to be extremely comfortable and breathable, the only downside being the limited color selection available and the fact that the Achilles’ tendon support tended to wear out quickly when he used cotton socks.

Asics Running Shoes Reviews