New Balance Running Shoes

How can a pair of New Balance Running Shoes make any difference in an athlete’s performance?

Popular sports movies are inspiring in that they show us how an ordinary person can achieve excellence in athletics through the combination of luck, great timing, strong convictions, and above all, tons of hard work.

What they do not tell us is that sometimes, shortcuts do work. That’s what you can achieve with a pair of New Balance running shoes – outstanding quality for the would-be outstanding you. We’re not saying that shoes make the athlete; what we’re saying is that they help big time. Let’s take a look at the company behind this amazing shoe.

The History and Mission of New Balance Running Shoes

What drives man to create? Excellence. This is what led William J. Riley to the creation of an innovative shoe designed to perfect the wearer’s balance and to push him to a greater level of performance. It was in Boston, Massachusetts in 1906 that Riley, then a 33-year-old English immigrant, founded the company that manufactures what is now considered to be the best running shoes in the world – the New Balance Arch Support Company, more popularly known as New Balance.

The inspiration for the design of New Balance Running Shoes came from Riley’s observations of a chicken, which maintains its perfect balance by using a three-point arch support. Why, he wondered, should this not be applied to humans? Applying this idea to his shoe design, he believed, would enable a wearer to perform better by virtue of an improvement in his balance.

New Balance now produces running shoes both for men and women. The company strives to push athletes to test their limits, to keep going, to keep raising the bar of excellence, and to strive not just for the finish line, but go beyond it. This is the philosophy behind every New Balance product.

Runners Swear by their New Balance Running Shoes

Running is my passion
Hazama Kanpie’s has been in love with running for 20 years. He is now 61 years old and gearing up for the 23,000-mile Earth Marathon eco-challenge. His New Balance 967 “Night Rainbow” Shoes will help make his dreams of pursuing his passion and continuing to run possible. With them, he can run an average of 31 miles a day. A miracle at his age? Possibly. His New Balance running shoes are a big part of that miracle.

I want design and aesthetics as well as function
Maggie Vessey, a 29-year-old runner of Santa Cruz, Carolina, is currently one of the best in the world. With the help of her coach Grech Brock, she has pushed herself past finish line after finish line. Her much-loved New Balance WR759 Running Shoes transform her into the perfect running machine. The best part? It not only performs well, but looks terrific to boot.

New Balance Men’s MR993 Running Shoe New Balance Men’s MR993 Running Shoe – This running shoe adds lightness to its many comforts, as well as springy, responsive cushioning at the eel and forefoot. Its special rubber outsole is made of durable material and provides excellent traction. Running is a breeze with this simple number, as the shoe works to enhance the foot’s natural movement. Its other features:

  • Lace-up leather and mesh upper and rubber sole
  • Durable Ndurance outsole for maximum durability and traction
  • Light Acteva midsole foam
  • Uniform-density polyurethane heel
  • Abzorb cushioning
  • Available in Grey, Black, Navy, Black/Red, Charcoal Grey/Black, Navy/Cool Grey, and Navy/Yellow
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New Balance Men’s MR760 Nbx Stability Running Shoe New Balance Men’s MR760 Nbx Stability Running Shoe – This shoe is designed with the runner’s maximum performance in mind. The optimum arch support provided by its Stability Web prevents midfoot flex and foot strain. For a smoother ride, special cushioning at the heel and forefoot serve to absorb shock on impact. Its other features:

  • Optimum-fit N-Lock lacing system
  • Synthetic and mesh upper and rubber sole
  • Abzorb midsole foam
  • Sure lace lace/chord
  • Available in Silver/Blue, Silver/Red, Black/Silver, and Black/Titanium
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New Balance Women’s WR1123 Running Shoe New Balance Women’s WR1123 Running Shoe – This shoe is designed for runners whose feet roll too much inward, causing inefficient shock absorption and eventual foot pain or injury. A special cushioning system takes the stress off the feet, allowing the runner to engage in high-mileage training without strain. Its other features:

  • Synthetic and mesh lace-up upper and rubber sole
  • Motion control
  • Abzorb FL midsole foam
  • Rollbar TPU posting system to minimize rear-foot movement-Lock lacing and webbing
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Getting your feet into a pair of New Balance Running Shoes will give you the maximum performance you need to stay ahead of the pack. It will bring you far beyond that finish line and take you closer to your dreams.

What Consumers are Saying about New Balance Running Shoes

A few satisfied customers have also been having their say on their New Balance Running Shoes. One such customer, Eileen, said that suffering from planar fasciitis brought her to the point that she could only spend ten to fifteen minutes on a treadmill before pain would induce her to switch to a stationary bike. Within a month of using her New Balance Women’s WR1123 Running Shoes, her foot pain was practically eliminated, and she was even able to join and finish a half-marathon.

David is another one who swears by his New Balance Men’s MR760 Stability Running Shoes. An active runner, David averages 20 to 35 miles per week. His flat and supinated feet are no longer a bother to him when running. He especially likes the fact that his shoes are light and allow his feet to breathe. He has tried several different shoe brands, but says he only keeps coming back to New Balance.

Though not much of an avid runner, Leandro soon learned to enjoy his New Balance Men’s MR990 Running Shoes. He discovered that with the right fit and the perfect level of comfort – something he never got before from his previous running shoe purchases – he could actually love running for fitness. He no longer fears blisters or shin splints when he heads out for his workout.

Not all customers are 100% pleased with their purchase, though. Katherine found that running in wet climates with her Women WR1123 New Balance Running Shoes caused the red suede detail on her shoes to run. Satisfaction with older New Balance designs makes her claim to be a fan, but her experience with her new pair has taught her to be on the constant lookout for puddles.

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