Saucony Running Shoes

For the ultimate in running shoe comfort, durability, and performance, there is no compromise for which quality is worth sacrificing. This is why so many choose only top notch gear such as Saucony Running Shoes.

The best runners deserve only the best running shoes.

Saucony Running shoes are especially engineered for the high levels of comfort and endurance required for running, jogging, hiking, and other strenuous physical activities.

The company is conscious of the growing worldwide need to combat obesity; therefore, Saucony Foot Apparel is designed to make all forms of physical exercise as appealing as possible. Minimizing foot discomfort when working out and boosting people’s performance to encourage a healthier, more regular exercise routine is one of the main goals of the shoe company.

Saucony Running Shoes – Models and Features

When customers shop for running shoes, one of the most important considerations after fit and all-around comfort is durability. Runners look for shoes that can withstand the constant wear and tear of the terrain on their regular running route. Also, different types of terrain call for different running shoe qualities. The best running shoes provide a balance among all the essentials. They need excellent grip and traction for irregular mountain roads, extra cushioning for concrete urban pavements, and balance and stability for giving surfaces such as gravel. Saucony knows all this, and this knowledge can be seen in the best of their footwear.

One of the bestselling Saucony men’s running shoes is the ProGrid Omni9 ($110). Recommended for overpronators, this shoe provides ample support and cushioning, as well as excellent comfort and control. For neutral running, favorites include the Men’s ProGrid Ride ($95) and the flexible, lightweight Men’s ProGrid Kinvara ($90). For those who need the right balance between control and flexibility, the ProGrid Hurricane ($140) is a superstar for moderate stability.

Women aren’t left behind in the game either. Each design for men has a counterpart for women to address the different types of runners and their feet. For neutral training, women can benefit from the top-notch Women’s Grid Excursion ($65), the Women’s ProGrid Ride ($95) and the Women’s ProGrid Kinvara ($90). For moderate stability, the ProGrid Omni ($110) and Hurricane ($140) are likewise recommended for women.

Saucony Women’s ProGrid Guide 3 Running Shoe Saucony Women’s ProGrid Guide 3 Running Shoe4.6 out of 5 stars. The ProGride Guide 3 features a padded heel cup for extra comfort, a thicker heel and forefoot cushioning to reduce impact, and multidirectional tread for the perfect mix of traction and surface area. Its other features:

  • Synthetic and mesh upper with adjustable lacing
  • Rubber sole
  • Dual Density Impulse EVA midsole
  • Heel ProGrid Technology
  • Available in White/Navy/Blue, Silver/Pink, and White/Silver/Green
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Saucony Men’s ProGrid Omni 8 Running Shoe Saucony Men’s ProGrid Omni 8 Running Shoe4.6 out of 5 stars. For men who are in need of extra cushioning and support, the ProGrid Omni 8 is the ideal running shoe. This extra-supportive shoe provides maximum durability for the minimum weight. Its ProGrid technology absorbs impact, minimized shock, and ensures a smoother transition. Its other features:

  • Dual Density Impulse EVA midsole
  • HRC Strobel Board for extra cushioning
  • Breathable Ortholite sockliner
  • Available in Silver/Blue, White/Navy/Yellow, White/Silver/Red, White, and Silver/White
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Saucony Men’s Grid Cohesion 3 Running Shoe Saucony Men’s Grid Cohesion 3 Running Shoe4.5 out of 5 stars. This running shoe promises a well-ventilated fit, excellent shock absorption, and maximum traction and abrasion resistance. Extra cushioning and a lightweight midsole add comfort while running or walking. Its other features:

  • HRC Strobel Board for comfort and cushioning
  • Heel ProGrid Technology
  • Synthetic, textile, and Air-Mesh upper for breathable comfort
  • Rubber sole
  • Available in Silver/Black/Orange, Silver/Black/Royal, and White/Navy/Silver
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Customer Reviews for Saucony Running Shoes

C. Baker is a teenager who is relatively new to the world of running. She claims to have hated running before, as she was always uncomfortable and frequently experienced injuries. The lack of comfort discouraged her from running, which was particularly frustrating because she wanted to lose weight. Upon her dad’s offer to pay for a new pair of running shoes, she went and tried out the Saucony Women’s ProGrid Guide 3 Running Shoe. She was so comfortable with them that she was able to join a 5-kilometer run soon after. She now runs 2-4 miles 5 days in a week.

Some women, however, are not completely satisfied with their ProGrid Guide 3’s. C. Barry for instance found the heel and arch cushioning unsuitable for her foot. She normally finds Saucony running shoes of top-notch quality, but says that this particular one is not their best design.

Men’s opinions vary as well, although most love their Saucony running shoes. Matthew runs using his Saucony Men’s ProGrid Omni 8 Running Shoes. A former couch potato, he now runs 25 to 30 miles each week in his Omnis. Michael, however, finds the shoes awkward to put on, as the soft rear ankle supports often push down into the shoe when he slips his feet in. Apart from that issue, he is perfectly satisfied with the shoe.

Saucony Running Shoes Reviews