Sas Shoes

Without intensive marketing and online stores, SAS shoes has remained one of America’s household brands for comfort shoes since 1976.

What are SAS Shoes?

SAS shoes are orthopedic shoes that provide great comfort to its wearers. Colour palette of the shoes tends to be neutral with shades such as brown, black and white. Another noteworthy point is that all these shoes are hand-sewn so attention to details is a given.

The manufacturing of these shoes is not outsourced and purely based in America. Quality is assured.

SAS shoes are popular for a reason. They are suitable for both business and leisure so there are shoes for different occasions. Comfort is undisputable, shoes are fully cushioned and even the undersides of straps are padded. That goes to show the attention they give to every part of the shoes.

Who Should Get a Pair of SAS Shoes?

Both men and women! As long as you desire comfort. This is especially so if you have a job that requires to stand all days long, which cause a great amount of strain on your feet.

Ladies may not find flashy designs from SAS shoe, but they are more of a classic style that looks elegant and professional enough for work. An example is the Metro. It is a loafer that comes loaded with features such as Mocassin construction where the entire soft leather is wrapped around the foot for breathability. The insole is incredibly cushioning too. The loafer also comes with a jewellery-like embellishment to enhance femininity.

If you are looking for casual footwear, SAS shoes also have a range of sandals. Caress is an elegant-styled shoe that comes in bone, black and white colour. The shoe has a slightly higher heel with an adjustable buckle strap. The SAS patented Tripad soles provides further support and comfort. Caress is a good proof that style and comfort can go hand in hand.

Where I can get SAS shoes?

One thing I find admirable about SAS shoes is that they refused to launch an online shop for their shoes, especially in today’s age where online shopping is omnipresent and the potential for overseas purchase is great. Their philosophy is that shoes must be tried on personally so that customers can get the best fit.

Also, the fact that they have shoes of different widths and sizes to suit different needs makes them hesitant to tap into the online market. They do not want to compromise on customers getting the most appropriate shoes, though in my personal opinion they could still launch an online shop for their regular customers who already know what they want!

Because of this, you will have to go down to their brick and mortar stores in order to purchase the shoes. If you live in San Antonio, Texas, lucky you. The SAS Shoemakers factory is located there and there’s an outlet store nearby. You can shop to your heart’s content!

While there’s no official online store for SAS shoes, there are sellers selling them via Ebay. As most people will know, shopping on Ebay requires caution as you might meet dishonest sellers. Some of these sellers may claim the shoes are brand new or tried on once only, but you will never know. If possible, buy from sellers who have good reputation. You might be able to get a good discount off the retail price purchasing through Ebay!

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